DONT FREAK OUT BUT REMEMBER TO PLAY Franco’s new album – a mixture of guitars, synths, and delightfully psychedelic undertones overlaid with punchy, mellow vocals – should remind us, as he says himself, to “never forget to be youthful.”  --Metal Magazin 2020

DONNY DAVINCO‘S VILLA BATHROOM (Album)Francos pain dives into a Psychdelic  new type of sound.Dosed with synthesizer, slanky guitar riffs and catchy keyboard melodies, Francos pain doesn't hesitate to emphasize that he's not quite ready to fall victim to society's so called rules  of growing up.

FRANCOS PAIN EP Like a fresh new breeze francs pain releases his debut record, with much to none help, Francos pain records his first songs just a few months after picking up an instrument.